Get all Microsoft Teams within your organization

Get all Microsoft Teams within your organization

Update September 24, 2018

During Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft has announced that a list of all teams in your organization is now available directly in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center.

Original post

Have you ever wondered how many Microsoft Teams there are within your organization? Do you want to know if a specific Office 365 Group is enabled for Microsoft Teams or not?

The Get-Team cmdlet in the MicrosoftTeams PowerShell module only gets all the teams that you belong to.

In this post I will guide you how to retrieve all Microsoft Teams in your organization.


How to

Download my Get-AllMicrosoftTeams.ps1 script from the TechNet Gallery, which outputs a list of all Office 365 Groups that are Teams enabled within your organization, whether or not you belong to it.

This script runs the Get-UnifiedGroup PowerShell cmdlet which is available in the ExchangeOnline module. Each Office 365 group retrieved will be checked with the Get-TeamChannel PowerShell cmdlet, available in the MicrosoftTeams module, whether or not the group is Teams-enabled.

When you meet the requirements, go ahead and run it!



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